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Embracing Entrepreneurship: My Personal Journey of Passion, Purpose, and Growth

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Hello, Ship2Shore Team! Today, I'm thrilled to share my personal journey of nearly 7 years of entrepreneurship, where passion and purpose have driven me to explore new horizons. (Sometimes not by choice, thanks COVID. :) With experience managing multiple businesses simultaneously, I've learned invaluable lessons about failure and its transformative power. But for now let's set aside all of the cheesy nautical references and dive into the heart of my entrepreneurial voyage and my hope is that it can inspire whatever yours may look like.

Exploring Passions and Purpose: As you look at your business or potential business, it is your chance to explore your passions fully. I delved deep into what truly ignited my soul, seeking to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. This exploration allowed me to discover my purpose and set my sights on a fulfilling journey as an entrepreneur. If you don’t do the work to figure out what wakes you up in the morning and what really makes you want to help, it is hard to give all you have to give to your new baby business. Do some self discovery and ask yourself some hard questions.

Crafting the WHY for your Side Gig: Inspired by Simon Sinek's profound insights, I understood the importance of starting with "why." My businesses evolved to solve specific problems for my customers, and that became the heart of my vision. With a purpose-driven approach, you can embark on a path aligned with your values and aspirations. You MUST do the same this if you want to have a business that sustains you - if not, it is just a hobby.

Embracing Failure as a Gift: In the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship, failure is not only inevitable but it is also an invaluable gift. It taught me to learn from setbacks and embrace a growth mindset. (PS: If you haven’t read the book Mindset, read it today.) Each failure became a stepping stone, propelling me forward and sharpening my skills as an entrepreneur. On our recent webinar we talked about how hard failure is, but how hard it is really about the way we perceive it. Every truly successful person or entrepreneur has lists and lists of failures, but they most of them can barely even call them failures. They have built the resilience to laugh about the circumstances, receive what they learned from it and celebrate about how it got them to where they are today. Listen to this recent podcast and Jaime Kerm Lima’s perspective on a moment that was devastating, but what felt like a failure in the moment was actually something that propelled her to what she could truly make of her company.

Identifying Niche and Branding: I discovered the significance of identifying my niche, focusing on what sets me apart in a crowded market and what gets me up in the morning. By understanding my unique value proposition and what lights me on fire, I crafted authentic branding that resonated with my target audience, forging meaningful connections that are inspirational. Speaking to their pain. If you can’t get inspired by your brand, how can you expect someone else to be? Can you put yourself in the shoes of your customer? Feel what they feel and dive in as the hero to solve their problem. Check out this webinar where we talk in depth about this.

Leveraging Support and Community: No entrepreneur can thrive without community. Throughout my journey, I sought support and mentorship from like-minded individuals and by joining vibrant entrepreneurial communities. As you consider opening a business you should IMMEDIATELY swallow your price and go out and find someone who has 20+ years experience in this business and ask them to mentor you. They will teach you lessons that you would have to learn on your own. They will be straight with you and give you truths you need to hear. They will help you weather failure and storms with calm, saying “been there, done that”. They will have empathy and understanding. AND you will add value to their life and business with your drive and excitement of the future. The support and guidance I received by my Women’s Presidents Organization chapter and my mentors were instrumental in getting me to where I am today. And lastly….CHECK YOUR CIRCLE….stop asking people for advice, stop asking them what they think of your product, don’t fall into the trap of validation. Just make a step forward. Quiet fear and ask Nike says JUST DO IT!

As former crew members you have so much value to add to any business you open. Firstly, define and embrace your passions, define your "why," and welcome failure as a stepping stone to success. With a clear purpose and a growth mindset, you can navigate the entrepreneurial waters and create businesses that make a difference.

And remember, as you navigate your next step in land life, we at Ship2Shore Employ are here for you. We can help you find a full time or part time gig or we can help inspire you on your entrepreneurial journey. Our business is about changing lives, that changes families, that changes communities - globally! So, here's to not doing this alone and to passion, purpose, and the joy in the next stop on your journey!

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