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The Telling of the Ship2Shore Story - A Journey of Inspiration and Vision!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

My name is Barbara Cobas, and I am the owner of Ship2Shore Employ. I launched Ship2Shore Employ in February of this year. To say this company is a passion is an understatement. What we have launched is a mission. I wanted to share a bit of our story with you. It is one of resilience, vision, and empowerment.

It all started when during COVID we saw crew flooding off ships and then when ships came back to service, we saw many crew missing. I sat, worried, wondering where did all the crew go? Are they okay? Christian Franco had joined my team in July 2020 after ships and after a COVID layoff. We shared a passion for the cruise industry and our genuine concern for the well-being of former cruise ship crew members. We knew we had to step in and support these individuals with viable opportunities ashore. I explained my crazy concept to Christian - bridge the gap between ship to shore to shoreside - he got it and we started.

We knew that transitioning from ship life to onshore employment can be challenging for former crew members due to their unique skill sets and experiences not always recognized in other industries. We saw the need to address these challenges with specialized staffing and recruitment services tailored to their skills and the cruise industry’s needs. By understanding the intricacies of ship life, shoreside operations and opening and running successful businesses - I knew I was the girl for the job.

Building Ship2Shore from scratch was not without its challenges. Gaining industry recognition, establishing partnerships, and earning the trust of former crew members and potential employers were hurdles we faced and will continue to face. However, our determination and belief in the cause propelled us forward, overcoming obstacles one step at a time. I truly believe that you can only start and sustain a business with a vision and a team who is as crazy committed to it as you are.

We have focused on a personalized and compassionate approach to the life and transition former crew are experiencing. We have been there and we can relate. We are not a “staffing” agency. We are an agency that connects former crew to their future and we help support their professional development while we find the right fit for them. We place great importance on understanding the individual aspirations and goals of former cruise ship crew members. Through our weekly webinars, we provide support, training, and development resources to help them successfully transition to fulfilling onshore careers that align with their interests and strengths.

Through Ship2Shore, our goal is to empower former cruise ship crew members to redefine their professional paths with confidence and purpose. We hold weekly webinars to enhance their skill sets and help support them on their journey. Our commitment to their success was the driving force behind their remarkable achievements in various land-based roles.

We believe our story is a testament to the importance of starting your company with values first. Richard Branson has said this as well as many other successful business owners - starting a business is not rocket science, but letting yourself die and letting your vision and mission take life is when you truly live. This company is not about us - this company is about former crew, their families and their communities. By having a profound impact and a purpose-driven staffing company, we can have global change and that is what WAKES ME UP EVERYDAY!

If you have some time, take a moment to listen to our latest webinar on this very topic! 👂🏻😍 AND if you are looking for opportunities after ships, be sure to set up your online profile with us. 👇🏻

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